Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Booties

Pattern: Saartjes Booties
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease (I've been using a lot of Lion Brand lately totally on accident)
Needles: US 3

I've finished the baby booties for my step-brother's new baby boy! They are sooo cute and they just went in the mail this morning. :) The pattern was really simple and only took me two short evenings of sitting and TV knitting. I love the little buttons for Dylan, they just seem so "Little Boy Blue" to me. I hope they enjoy them. I'm always afraid the booties will be too small so I have to go measure them against Emma's 1 week-old foot print just to make sure. *sigh* Was she really that little? As an added bonus, Morgan always gets this cute "baby" smile when I show him baby booties. Just like the ones he used to give me when I was pregnant and he played with the belly or when Emma was itty bitty and sleeping. He still gives her that smile when she's wrapped up in a towel after a bath and just her little pink face is showing. There's just nothing like a baby.

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Ben & Erica said...

Those booties are soooo cute!!!