Friday, August 24, 2007

Back from Vacay!

So, as if you didn't know, Morgan and I went to Alaska on vacation while Emma went to visit Auntie and Co. in Colorado. We flew into Anchorage on Monday night, goofed off around town with Sally visiting, hiking and eating until Friday night. Then we drove down to Seward with Naomi and her brother, Billy. We had a totally awesome time of adult activities, sleeping in, eating great food, sampling the local brews, hiking on mountains, hiking on glaciers, hiking around glaciers, sea kayaking and other such tomfoolery. :)

Now look at lots of pretty pictures and drool.

It rocked! It rocked so much that I think Morgan wants to move to Alaska. We got back home and he says to me, "It's just so hot here." I then do a double take because my beloved is from New Mexico, land of hotness, and it's only 91 degrees at said time. I totally agree that anything above 85 degrees is way too hot but I was shocked. All in all our good times were due in large part to our friends, Sally and Naomi, who went out of their way to show us what awesome people they are and what a cool place they live in. :) Peace!

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