Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Much Fun!

I swear, I really do have ADD in the craft department. After spending all week in California watching the Home & Garden channel I have this desire to decorate and paint and stuff. Morgan doesn't really seem to be on the bandwagon with the whole moving Emma to a bigger room so I can decorate it with all sorts of Peter Rabbit stuff. Right now she's in this tiny room which is okay because she's tiny and so are her bed and belongings and we have this larger empty room that's supposed to be a guest room. The catch is that we don't even have a bed for the guest room and even if we did it would get used like 3 times a year at best. So why keep our daughter in the itty room when I can go wild with stuff I already have and decorate her a bigger room?

What's that you say? Don't I have other projects I should be focusing on? You mean, finishing that Central Park Hoodie, knitting those baby booties for my step-brother's new arrival (Hey Dylan! You're an adorable baby and Auntie Lisa will make you those booties before Christmas...but it's still too warm right now for booties anyway so you can wait, right kiddo? *wink*) and knitting Nick's stuffed monkey for his 1st birthday (Aug 19th)?

Ah, why stick to one project when I can try to do all 3 simultaneously. Besides, I need something to knit on the flight to Anchorage and back. :)

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