Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The things kids say

My daughter amazes me. Lately she's been sneaking into the pantry and taking foodstuffs out and bringing them to me if she wants some. (Peanut butter is now a big hit in this house.) Yesterday she did this and brought me a bag for cereal saying, "Tooties!!" and desperately wanting some. Imagine my shock when the bag she brought me was a bag of Tutti Fruitis and I had never before used those words. I'd never bought them before and they've been sitting in the bottom of the pantry since Friday. I know a 19 month old can't read but this was still the funniest thing. How did she manage to pick the right name for them and call them Tooties?

I also have some pathetic news to report. I taught Emma to cuss. I was trying to give her some medicine the other day and she managed to dribble this pink goo all down the front of her and all over the carpet. "Sh!&" was my response. Sadly, it was also Emma's. The next day Morgan and I are cooking dinner and Emma starts walking around the kitchen chanting her new word. Morgan looks at me and asks, "Is she saying what I think she's saying?" My reply, "I hope not."

You see, Morgan is a mechanic and often his mouth lives up to that expectation. I was really sure Emma would be learning foul language from him since he is, shall we say, not so careful about what he says and I try really hard to watch my mouth around her. But no, the honor of teaching our daughter her first swear word goes to yours truly. *sigh* Someday I might get this Mommy gig straight but by then she'll be ready to move out.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Emma discovered markers...and she looooves them! Just a reminder, unless the package says they're washable, not all Crayola markers are washable. Ask me how I know.


Annie said...

How do you know???

Ben & Erica said...

Oh I love this blog, it kinda gives me an insight of what's to come!