Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We are alive and keeping rather busy around here. Emma's taken an interest in cooking with me these days. We made potato pancakes the other morning and since them Emma keeps telling me "I need to cook some eggs." I gave her a bottom drawer in the kitchen where she keeps all of her cooking utensils and she drags them out daily to help me whip up meals.

While my in-laws were visiting I spent a fair amount of time sewing with Cathymom. Behold, the newest edition to Emma's wardrobe. Emma keeps telling me she needs a black dress every time she sees me get ready for work. Instead of a black dress (a bit warm in the summer, wouldn't you say?) I found her some adorable white fabric with black graphics and topped it off with adorable red poppy buttons. The bottom half is a bit sheer so she has to wear white bloomers under it, but no worries.

So far, it's been given the Emma stamp of approval. The pattern? Er, um, kind of improvised. The bodice piece was guided by a super-old book of How to Sew Clothes for Children and I changed all the rest was made up as I went. Not too shabby.

Until next time. I have at least three more projects to show you this week. Oh, and a test to draft, too. Blah!

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