Friday, June 27, 2008

Past the first checkpoint

Great news! I passed my Medical Exam that I took yesterday for part of my application to the Air Force. Yaaayyyy!!!

Strangely enough, I think I was more nervous about that part of my application than any other part. The GRE looms ahead, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so there's plenty left to do and lots and lots of paperwork ahead. I feel like this is the right thing for us to be moving towards and it's interesting how when your feet are on the right path, the steps seem to come smoothly. Not that everything is suddenly easy, but there is a rectitude in your actions.

I would love to sit and ponder at this keyboard for a while but it's getting late. Perhaps more later this weekend. For now, it's off to get a good night's sleep before I go crack the GRE like an egg. Grrrr!! :)

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Moms Place said...

Lisa, I hope you don't mind, Erica gave me your blogspot. I have spend a while reading your very interesting comments and enjoying the beautiful pictures of the family. I didn't realize you were so talented, making socks, stuffed animals, and oh my goodness, the breads and food. All look wonderful. If the Air Force doesn't work out, maybe you could open your own business. As for the Air Force, it is a great opportunity for your family. I enjoyed my career, and yes it did offer my family so much more than we could have done in the civilian world. I wouldn't say much to Ben about it, he thinks the A.F. are a bunch of "woosies." That is why he joined the Navy. Marie Hull