Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the news this week...

In our world:

*My boss called and offered me 3 more classes to teach this fall on top of the 2 I already have. Not only that, he offered me a one semester contract as a lecturer. Let me translate all that: more work and a whole lot more money! Yippie!! In about 4 months I will make what Morgan pulled in over 6 months. This is great news because his back is recovering but we're coming to realize he may never be the same again and his wrenching days are probably over.

*The pacifiers will soon sleep with the fishes. Daddy and I pulled a fast one with the scissors and now they no longer provide much sucking pleasure for Emma. Our hope is that she will ix-nay them very quickly now that they're "broken". We keep telling her she's a big girl now and big girls don't use pacis.

Emma's big girl room is now done and covered in faeries. Too cute. We spent a few days painting and one late night stenciling faeries. She loves them!

*We just bought new swimsuits today (no pictures, very sorry...ha ha) so next week it's water park here we come!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Naomi said...

WOW!!! What a blessing. Enjoy teaching, I am glad emma enjoys her faries! Love all of you.