Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slam dunk

Me? How am I? Well, it just so happens that I ROCK! Thank you for asking.

I took the GRE yesterday as part of my application to the Air Force and let me tell you, I feel awesome. Five years ago I took the test and got a 1200 on it. Not exactly Einstein but not too shabby either. Good enough to get me into grad school and help me secure a stipend. Yesterday I managed to better that score by 30 points. Go me! When I got home later that night I did a happy dance.

What did I do to study for the GRE? A few hours with a book during the week before helped me brush up a bit. The night before and the morning of the test I made this:

The Cotton Shop was having a Shop Hop sale so I went a little wild with the $.88 fat quarters. This is my second Turning Twenty quilt and I love how fun and simple they are. Now all I have to do is sew it up. :) Have a happy weekend.


Jessica said...

I think you rock better than anyone I know! Congrats!

Ben & Erica said...

You do rock! Sometimes I wish I could do all like you! You are superwoman to me, I'm just trying to manage a toddler and a fat belly ready to burst at any moment, and a scrapbook page now and again when or if time ever permits! Rock on sista!!!!!!
Love Ya, Erica

suzanne said...

good Job! You are really smart. I am glad that I never had to take the GRE it sounds like a difficult test.