Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Emma's Sweater

Emma's sweater is done! Yay! My very first sweater is now complete and ready to be shown off. Here our lovely model runs around the house...and unlike most models she can be bribed with food! I made the sweater a bit big (size 2 yrs) so that she'll still fit into it this coming fall and winter. Right now it's a bit huge on her, but she walks around petting it while she wears it. Talk about a girl after my heart!

Pattern: Lion Brand Little Kimono
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in Happy Valley (2 hanks) - a superwash worsted weight wool
Started Sunday Feb 25 and finished Monday March 5
Modifications: I added a seed stitch around the bottom and cuffs to keep it from rolling because I really like the way the seed stitch looks with this yarn. Also, I made the sleeves a lot longer than the pattern since I hate short sleeves. I added buttons to the sides since it's easier than trying to get a toddler to hold still while you tie their sweater closed. :)

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Ben & Erica said...

The sweater is beautiful, you did a great job. It kinda reminds me of a tie die. Where's mine??????
Just kidding! You did a wonderful job. I'm still really into scrapbooking, if I ever have any time, it goes to the scrapbook.(Which isn't much!) Keep up the good work, and keep the pictures coming.