Friday, March 02, 2007


Okay, it's sinking in. Or maybe that sound is actually my upstairs neighbor thumping around again during Emma's nap time. Have I mentioned before how happy I will be when we no longer live below someone who walks like a cave troll? Moving on...

I've been fantasizing about the new house (yes, the honeymoon has begun and will last until we move in) and after I saw this yesterday, I just drooled. I mean, really. I want a knitting/sewing room that looks that pretty and is that organized. I'm already rubbing my little hands together and planning it in my little head. Of course, the decor of the room will vary depending on which room I end up with since they all have a different color of carpet. Oh, did I neglect to mention that? Yes, each room of the house has a different color of new carpet. I have no idea why this bizarre decoration choice occurred but since it's all new carpet I really don't mind. Everyone else can think it looks strange, but who cares?

In my world of knitting I've been making progress on Emma's sweater...then tearing it out because that is the price you pay when you make things up and choose to modify the pattern when it's your first sweater. *sigh* Anyway, I just have one more sleeve to knit and then it all gets put together. Expect pictures of it soon!

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Anonymous said...

Great sweater, slippers etc.You are something...Remind me of my Mother and how fast she could whip up whatever anyone asked her to do. Am so happy for you in being able to move into your own home. Will be nice to hae extra rooms and also yard for the critters. Love, Grandma