Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Doomed and other fun stuff

Have you ever felt that a project might be doomed from the start? I pick a nice and easy dress pattern to make my first summer dress from. Should be simple. Only four pieces to the entire dress, no darts, no zippers because it's made with stretch knits (like what your sweatshirts are made from, minus the fuzzy). That was my first mistake. What an amazing pain in the tush to pin, cut and sew. Not to mention when you screw up the most visible seam it's a massive pain to tear that seam out because you don't want to snag a single thread, or else you could end up with a massive run right down the front of your dress. *sigh* This dress might be doomed. Cross your fingers for me and hope Emma takes a nap today (unlike her screaming fits of yesterday) so I can work on it more.

Alas, there is some light. I finished a couple of knitting projects in Feburary and March that I never posted. For your viewing pleasure we have the Math Geek Scarf from Alchemy Yarns done in Cascade 220 for my friend Sally. I haven't taken pictures of the other ones yet but someday I might. :) Have a great Tuesday!

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