Friday, March 09, 2007

Gush Gush

I have the best baby (toddler) EVER. I know I whine about her when she's a pain, but that's only because they're so rare that those times stick out in my mind and drive me bonkers. Emma is so lovely, sweet, friendly and well-behaved. We went to the yarn shop this morning for 2 hours. Two! Count them, that's 120 minutes of well-behaved, curious but distractable toddler that picked up the crackers she sprinkled on the floor, gave back the knitting needles she tried to steal and danced like a cute little girl after she monkeyed with the radio (making it a totally forgivable transgression by all in the shop). The owner loves to see us when we come in (and trust me, it's not for how much money I spend there because I'm kinda cheap, as we all know) and remembers Emma's name every time. Plus, she's really quiet when we're there. I think it's because she's too busy checking everything out and trying to decide which yarn she wants me to knit her next sweater in, but let them think it's because she's so well brought up. *wink*

Anyway, angel is sleeping right now because all that yarn just wore her out. If the sunshine keeps up I think we'll make our daily trip to the playground and mailbox and snack on some chicken nuggets. Man, life is soooo rough around here.

P.S. I got kisses during breakfast this morning.

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