Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I finished the evil dress! Something that was supposed to be so simple was actually pure evil in the form of a dress. I measured myself (three times to be sure) and selected my size. I have to admit I was a bit sad about having to cut out the largest size of the pattern but resolved myself to it. But what have we here? After I sewed the major seams and I tried the dress on it fit me like a paper bag!!! WTH?!?! After much himming and hawwing and consulting with the Mother-in-law that is so much smarter than I am three separate times, I took the dress in about three inches around the body. Three inches people! And they call themselves pattern makers. Ha! (Note: the top corner of the pattern says "easy" what a bunch of liars.)

Long story and much agony shortened: I finished it tonight then went out to get another Mommy's opinion. It passes muster, says Erin. Now I only have one more dress to sew this week and I can lay off it for a while. :)

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