Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Family Time

Our trip to visit my side of the family was great! I'm so glad we got the chance for my husband to meet all the wonderful people that are now his family, too. In the five years we've been together he hadn't before met my extended family from Wisconsin so this really was a big deal.

First we went to my cousin Andrew's graduation picnic (Congrats Andrew! Enjoy college!) and were able to see everyone. All at once. To let you understand what that means I think you need some background here. My father was the oldest of six kids. I am one of seventeen cousins on my Dad's side. Most of them are married and have 2 or 3 kids each. Translation: In less than six hours my husband met about 45 of my relatives. When I said I had a big family I wasn't kidding but I don't think he really knew how big. And wonderful. Ah, I love them all. If I'm lucky I might even get to see one of my cousins again next week as she passes through Utah.

Below we have a group picture of the cousins who could make it (we're missing five) with our kids. Big smiles!

And next we have a picture of my grandparents with half of their great-grandkids. There are fifteen total. Think about that for a second. To live to enjoy your family and fifteen great-grandchildren. The very meaning of blessings.

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Annie said...

i always wanted to be able to make grandma and grandpa rud great grandparents, because they love us so much. grandpa didnt have as much time as grandma, but it warms my heart to see how much grandma violet LOVES carter and isabelle. you're right, it is truely a blessing. (tear, miss you grandpa!)