Wednesday, June 27, 2007

little sleep + bad things = drama

She doesn't sleep. Why doesn't Emma sleep well and why not last night? Who knows. In my dreams this morning (fragmented as they were by wailing toddler) I remember thinking Emma couldn't calm down and sleep because she missed her Grandpa Dave. In reality, that might be a good excuse for me but not likely for her. Anyway. Little sleep was had in our house last night. By all of us.

Enter a day of delayed napping because even though I laid her down three times she did not want to rest. Next we add some mix-ups: Emma stepped in doggie poo which makes her hysterical and the bookshelf I bought last week to match the one I already have was the wrong finish. I told them the correct finish, oak, but they brought me alder instead. I didn't notice until I was trying to assemble it and noticed, "Hey, this is a lighter color than my other one!" Not good. Add a bit of collateral damage and the day was perfect. Emma broke my sewing machine. More specifically, the part that holds the spool of thread on top of the machine. Enter the drama. I was tired and frustrated and I have to admit I almost started crying. I love this machine, as much as one should be able to love objects that cannot (and stubbornly refuses to on many occasions) love you back. The bad news: the part is discontinued since the sewing machine was made in the 1970s. The good news: I found a store in Salt Lake City that has it and it's cheap.

Thankfully I do have a few friends and today Brittany came to my rescue. She came bearing hazelnut latte and offers to get the new part for me from Salt Lake City since she was going through tonight anyway. Thank heavens for friends. Now if I can just make dinner and not set myself on fire today will not be a total mess. *deep breath* Off I go!

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