Friday, June 08, 2007

Super Secret Squirrel

So this isn't necessarily a post about my life, but in an indirect way my husband's co-worker's early surprise birthday party is driving me crazy.

Come again? Yes, we have poker night friends that my husband works with and we've become friends with one couple in particular. He, Phil, works with Morgan and Phil's fiance, Brittany, is a doll. They just got engaged and she wants to throw him a surprise birthday party (about a week early since we'll be out of town) tonight. The only problem is they have a little apartment and the weather's been iffy this week so outdoors is not a good idea. She asked if we could have the party at our house pretending it's a usual poker night thing and I agreed. We've been doing super-secret squirrel work all week to get the meat for the BBQ, figure out who is making what, when and where. *phew* We've been working our secret squirrel rumps trying to make this work and still keep in on the hush-hush. Basically, everyone Phil works with knows this is a surprise birthday party and he still has no idea. hehehehehhe

From here it gets more complicated. Phil has figured out with his spidey sense that Brittany is up to something, he just has no idea what so he's being a bit skittish. She is also supposedly going out of town this weekend and he doesn't know she'll be hiding here to surprise him when he shows up thinking it's a usual Friday night poker thing. Well, since he has no idea we have big plans for him tonight he thinks he should be late tonight because donating blood on a Friday evening sounds like a good idea to him. Bless his bleeding heart, but I'm about to go over there and kick his little hiney for making my life more interesting with espionage-like secret conversations than it really needs to be. I mean come on, it's FRIDAY!?!

Right now we are doing secret calls and text messages trying to figure out how to get the birthday boy here on time with all of his blood in his body. Me? I vote for throwing him in the trunk.

Happy (Early) Birthday, Phil!

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