Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some People (rant rant)

Okay, we all love a challenge but it really irritates me when I get that "oh little girl, you don't know what you're getting into and how hard this is" attitude. I'm not sure if it's a female thing, if I go about it all wrong, if it's because I look (and am) young or what. It just burns my biscuits to be treated with that patronizing manner that belittles me, my skills and my efforts.

Like when I was in high school and a younger boy told me I shouldn't be the sports editor of our school newspaper because I'm female. Or when I wanted to take Calculus in college and the secretary of the math department told me I couldn't take the class even though I had all the prerequisites. "You're just not ready," she told me. How would she know!?!?! (P.S. I passed Calc I and II with A's) And last summer when I went into a yarn store to buy fuzzies for a new hat and the owner told me that it was just sooo hard and beginners tend to do all these things wrong and I really needed to take a class from her. Excuse me, but I taught myself to knit from books and so far I think I'm doing pretty dang well. Classes are cool, support is welcome and criticism can be building but I really don't like people treating me as if I'm stupid or I'm just not up to the challenge.

When people come to me with a new idea and they're excited I would hope my reaction would be, "Go for it!" or "Sounds like fun." Maybe, "This was a really awesome resource for me when I started" or perhaps "If you need a hand let me know and I'd be happy to see if I can help."

*sigh* Why are some people just so down?

Are you still reading this? Really? I promise to stop ranting now and we can all go on our merry little ways.

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Ben & Erica said...

Lisa, I know exactly how you feel and I say keep trying, you can do anything you want! Even if it is difficult you'll pull through. I've been told things like that before, it kinda makes me motivated even more to do what I was told I couldn't! Don't ever give up & keep trying!!!