Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Here!

Yay! My yarn is here and ready to dye...almost.

First I had to figure out how I want my pattern to look and how much yarn it would take for a repeat, yadda yadda yadda. Next I had to make it into really long loops so the pattern could repeat the way I want it to. And when I say really long, I do mean reaaaallly long. Seventy feet to be exact. But how in the heck do you make a 70 ft loop of yarn? By wrapping it around dowels attached to the railing of your very large deck. Or that's my method so far. The only snag (!) I've run into is that I tangled the yarn while running in circles around my deck and now I must wait for the Master Untangler himself to come home and rescue me.

It's not that I'm totally helpless, I just don't have the patience to stand in 97 degree heat and untangle wool under the beating sun. I'm sure it will be cooler tonight, I just have to finish before the moths come out!!! Yikes! I'd better stop blogging and get winding. More later....

Oh, and I finished a sock for Emma that I knit while waiting for the new yarn to come. I know you're disappointed in me, Annie.


Annie said...

and the hoodie????
almost done, right???
i didnt think so....

Ben & Erica said...

LOL, I remember that time I assisted Morgan to unknot that yarn of yours! Sounds like fun, wish I was there to help, hehehe can't wait to see what you do with that yarn!!! Love Ya, Erica